Born this way

I could mention all my flaws, everything I dislike, my unpretties, my insecurities, a lot of things anyway. But actually, over the years, over your criticism, I stopped giving a shit about my physical me. Is when you talk about the inside that I feel hurt for real.
Gay -and its synonyms- was the word they have always used to bring me down. They could, they can, I won't pretend I'm not weak. But 'gay' is not something I'm worried about. Anyway, I don't like tags, I can say, a 100% sure, gay is not something I am.
What makes me feel lower, repulsive and even guilty for everyone who have to live around me, is the word over there, at the left.
Girly may not sound THAT important. How can someone feel bad by being just girly? Well, maybe you wouldn't care if you were, but first, you should some into my place and see how I live it, and second know why I do feel bad about it.
I don't do it just because I'd rather be manlier, is about dreams.
I dream, big time, and those dreams -let's call them goal- I want to get to, have conditions. DO NOT BE GIRLY.


But, hey Roy, you can act and model easily by being girly... See how Chris Colfer is rocking the scenario out there. Yes, he is indeed. But I wanna act, and I wanna model, because those are the art of no-being-yourself. Not that I'm not ok with myself so I wear a mask, but I wanna play a lot of different roles! and being girly only goes to a Kurt Hummel, just like that.

Today I'm wearing this T-shirt. I'm girly, I know, but I dream, big time, and being this way shouldn't be an obstacle to survive.

Here it goes: