Is ok to feel always like this? Is it ok? Healthy at least? Come on, I've been walking with my fingers all around my walls. I'm counting every step. I've walked my fingers, each one, 157 times. I claped my hands with the wall as if I were a child playing with a friend. I think my wall is being the greatets friend I've ever had in my house. Unfortunatelly, she can't move.


You just need to move them like... this.

Yesterday I saw a cat, I swear it. It was black and white. Maybe brown and white. It was dark, I couldn't see well. But I say it was black -and white- 'cause it looked really familiar, and ner my house is a cat just like this one. Maybe they were the same. He scaped from me, but I didn't wanted to hurt him, I swear. Look, I close fingers. How do I do this? It's simple, you just have to put your fingers like this, one next to the other, and start moving one, then the other. Remember you don't have to move them at the same time, otherwise, you'd be jumping. And we don't want to jump, right? That's right! one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, three! Wow, you did it so well. If you stare at me, you love me. You shouldn't be starring at me, Laz. Ok, where were we? Oh yeah, not jumping, walking. I was missing, don't move both fingers at the same time if you are thinking in moving just one of them, you could fall. We don't want that, right? If you stare at me, you love me. I like being loved, it's funny to know that someone's is starring at you. NO! Don't matter where, you are always starring at the person you love. Me. You don't stare with the fingers, Laz. You just walk with them. You stare with your brain. I don't want sex. Maybe tomorrow. Let's move, guys. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. Say good-bye, you stupids. Bye. I smile 'cause I'm happy. Don't ask stupid question. I'm smiling.