milagros schmoll

"tell what you kill to save your life,
tell me what you kill to prove your right,
crash crash BURN, let it all burn, if sorry can't change things i so long to cry"

Yes, I've already understood, you broke you ass up for this,
What I'm saying is, we didn't start together, and one of us was deffinitely behind, so
Who broke his ass up?


Is a wonderful, wonderful life, so what?

I'd burn everything, I'd burn every single piece of my history, each ticket to ride the life I have used. I'd burn my past. Past.
It's complicated, 'cause -even with 16 years old-, I have not personality. Or that's what I think. If I had one, I'd propably wouldn't cry everytime I read how many letters has that "iloveyou" that you used to write to me. If I had enough personality, I wouldn't care about you, 'cause you don't care about me; and I did forget you, but everytime I remember you, you remember me, I do feel bad, you don't. Is like you were my person, the reason why do I gotta be everyday there smiling.
But I won't be a revel, 'cause actually, I don't know why do I smile each day, but I don't know neither why I'm not sad. I can not be fake, 'cause I don't really know what the true is. The real me.
And everyday I try so hard for something that, in the end, nobody cares about, but you know why? Because I look as I didn't care about their attention. So it's me the problem? I don't know, only I know is that is actually really dificult to live without a why.
Who am I? Why can't I feel good with myself without you all? I live for you, I live because of you, But you don't live because of me. You're not selfish, I'm too good.
Am I good? I don't know it neither!
So I made a choice, I won't think this time, maybe my real me is hide somewhere, and not thinking, he'll be discovered.
My instincs, I wanna be myself, be my complete self.

Take a risk: don't think, not today, not yesterday, not tomorrow.
Just live the moment and forget it when it's time for consecuences.


Lauren Utter

Later bathing in the afterglow
Two lines of coke I cut with Drano
And her nose starts to bleed
A most beautiful ruby red.
Dior Homme

slit my throat it's all i've ever done.


mikey j. way

Me dijeron todo lo que podés imaginar.
Cosas a lo hardcore como:
  • puto
  • marica, y su deribado, maraca
  • trolo
  • chupa... (organo sexual masculino)
  • tragasables (sí, hasta se ponen metafóricos para cometer tales crueldades)
Hasta cosas a lo easyway como:
  • gay
  • homosexual (sí, ahora se hacen los cultos por poder bardear con términos biológicos...)
  • queer (... y hasta con terminos en inglés que no inciden en su terminalidad: QUEER: Extraño, anormal)
Pero, en fin, osaron de pensar que tenían todos los derechos de decirme cosas por el hecho de que ellos estan "seguros" de su sexualidad, lo que no implica que yo no, pero lamentablemente en este mundo superficial, la imagen, decribe la seguridad interna. ME MUEVO, EXPRESO y HABLO como cualquiera de los términos que anteriormente nombré, pero eso no implica que lo sea. Y ahora le doy la mano a todos mis herman@s homosexuales, cuando les digo a los "seguritos":



"yes, i bet for right, so?" by me

Definitely there's something that doesn't make you that spectacular as they think your are. Something that you understand as funny and that I haven't even discovered its sence.
You really like to be the center, right? And no, shut up, don't even try to say that I do, 'cause I accept I do, but I know where are my limits.
They all admire you and I don't even know why! I did, I accept it, but I opened my eyes, you are not more than a simple puppie whose like by everybody so you bark the whole day! And then, I discovered that when is laugh time, time to really bark, you do it fakely. You're so fake that even I am behind you. You really had every single piece of attention when you started to choose by yourself, by it looks that you weren't as intelligent as they tought you were and you couldn't keep your own choices, 'cause you like the attention so much, that everything you chose was because THEY liked it. Now you are as a godess for them, I think you are a mirror in front of them, but without shame, so tehy see in you what they hadn't the enough brave to do.
I don't know if I hate you, but you definitely are disgusting for me.
Oh! and I was missing, you are not more than me, c'mon, you're just a little tiny bug that I can kill whenever I want to.
You're not as big as you or they think, not next to me.


"that what you feel when you were extremly happy and then everything fall down"


Take my hand, c'mon, we always do.

Yes, I'm afraid, what can I do to not be. I don't know. I used to be risky, take the risks as nothing more than a simple roller-coaster, an unsentitive, a rock, a vampire; I don't know why, but I can not kiss you without think that you are the person who I love the most today. I'm not saying I wouldn't like to kiss you, actually, I would love to, but, as I said, I'm afraid. I think I've never felt the love so near, and it's scary, with these things is not one more roller-coaster, this is big, and this is as important as my heart health. Wait... What does that I'm thinking about you every single second means? Yes, I think I love you, so I think that I've already taken the risk. You're my heart, how could I say that I have to take care of my heart, if my heart is you, and not being at your side, I couldn't protect you. Let me be the one who takes your hand everytime you want, I've already take the risk, I'm not afraid anymore... I think I love you, let me love you.



Lo sé, decirlo es lo más cliché del mundo,
pero quién encontró algo mejor para decir
en esos momentos que querés mandar
todo a la mismísima mierda.
Entonces, cliché o no, es lo que mejor describe
esos momentos de ira acumulada
a punto de explotar...
Te podés ir a la reverenda mierda,
pedazo de pelotudo cropofílico,
pero igualmente me faltaría un enorme




Y vos me seguías preguntando qué se sentía ver el Sol,
y yo no podía comprender a qué carajos te referías,
entonces me preguntaste de nuevo, y luego me quedé solo en el callejón.
Estabas encadenada con esas esposas de lágrimas que te negaban
entender que ver el Sol no es sinónimo de brillar.
Qué ganas de brillar tenías esa noche, qué ganas de matarme de inseguridad.

Y cuando nos volvimos a ver, ahí entre las esquinas,
me preguntaste de nuevo qué se sentía ver el Sol,
yo te respondí que verlo a traves del limón no lo dejaba brillar.


They were sitting
They were talking
In the strawberry swing
Everybody was for fighting
Wouldn't wanna waste a thing

I remember
We were walking up
To strawberry swing
I can't wait 'til the morning
Wouldn't wanna change a thing

Now the sky could be blue
I don't mind
Without you
It's a waste of time


"deslice" by me

Stop there and let me correct it, I wanna live a life from a new perspective. You come along because I love your face, and I'll admire your expensive taste; and who cares divine intervention, I wanna be praised from a new perspective, but leaving now would be a good idea, so catch me up im getting out of here. It's not fair, just let me perfect it; don't wanna live a life that was comprehensive, 'cause seeing clear would be the bad idea. Now catch me up im getting out of here.


"the wheels are coming" by me

Why do I have to be like this? Why? Can somebody answer me? No, you can’t. Why I’m not as lucky as you, and don’t tell me I am, ‘cause I know that I’m not, and you wouldn’t change my opinion even If I’d like to. Feel lucky is being happy with oneself, being proud of who and how you are, and I’m not, is not one day that a I wouldn’t accept the offer to remake myself, clean my memory, born again. But I can’t not, and there’s one way left to not be me, the death.
I hate everybody, I hate everything, but if I hate you is because I hate myself, I hate every single part of me, and if I hate you is because I can not support the idea that is me who have to admire you.
So, why I can not kill myself? Why if I hate everything, even me? ‘Cause unfortunately you don’t hate me, and even fake, that is a hope to keep living.
I hate myself, why don’t you hate me?


'Cause I won't and I can't, and I don't understand,
Do you became what you hate or you hate what you become?